Wheels and castors for intralogistics

Blickle wheels and castors are used in all areas of intralogistics across the globe requiring safe, efficient in-house transportation of goods. The wide range of wheels as well as swivel and fixed castors features a solution for virtually every application. And in case the standard range doesn't have the right product, our specialists and engineers develop special solutions tailored to our customers' specific requirements.

Blickle wheels and castors are used in forklifts, rack feeders, conveyors, tugger trains, transport trolleys, floor rollers and sorting systems. The range of product for intralogistics includes heavy duty wheels, drive wheels, heavy duty castors, swivel castors, fixed castors, spring-loaded castors and guide rollers. Options such as different brake systems, electrically conductive or antistatic castors, wheels and castors with particularly good floor preservation and heavy duty versions are available. Innovative wheels with a low rolling resistance and electrical starting aids reduce the physical stress placed on employees working in intralogistics and thereby lower the rate of absence due to illness.

Applications: Wheels and castors for intralogistics (examples):



Mail logistics

Rack feeder


Transport trolleys