Wheels and castors for mechanical engineering

Blickle supplies numerous renowned mechanical engineering companies across the world with standard and special solutions to make all types of machines mobile with wheels and castors. Our wide range of wheels and different bracket variants for swivel and fixed castors features the right product for all types of machinery. The programme also includes swivel castors with extremely low mounting heights, yet high load capacities. In addition to these compact castors, the Blickle wheel and castor range also has special levelling castors with an integrated truck lock, as well as separate truck locks and jacks. Depending on the machine application, the castors can optionally be combined with directional locks or foot guards. Special 'central-stop' central brakes make it easier to securely store mobile machinery.

Applications: Wheels and castors for mechanical engineering (examples):

Construction machine


Agricultural equipment

Cleaning equipment

Welding equipment

Packaging equipment