Flight cases

Blue Wheels in the music and events industry

Flight cases are boxes and bags which provide a high level of stability and ensure that equipment and devices are transported securely. They are available in a wide variety of designs. The cases are the optimal solution for the storage and transport of electronics, instruments and a variety of other objects used in a wide range of industries. They are most frequently used in the music and film industry, the events industry, medical engineering, mechanical engineering and trade fair construction sectors.

Large flight cases are also fitted with fixed castors to make them easier to transport. Blue Wheels are frequently used for this purpose, which are castors with a blue and particularly soft tread. The most important requirements are high load capacity, low rolling resistance and a particularly soft tread to keep goods safe. Blue Wheels frequently use braking systems to ensure that cases are stable.

The high-quality elastic solid rubber “Blickle EasyRoll” is particularly suitable for the castors used on flight cases. It provides a much lower rolling resistance and higher load capacity than standard solid rubber. In combination with a nylon wheel centre, the vulcanised 65° Shore A elastic solid rubber tyre (POEV series) provides a particularly appealing price-performance ratio in the 100 mm to 125 mm size range. Are noise reduction and damping characteristics important to you? Then our “SoftMotion” series is the right choice for you. The POES wheels with a tread and tyre hardness of 55° Shore A and a thicker tread cushion are the optimal solution for operational comfort and noise reduction. The automatic direction reset device (-RIR) is another important benefit for many case manufacturers as they can save space by being stacked.