Blickle special versions

Solutions made to fit.

  • Tailor-made wheels and wheel sets

    Special versions are distinguished from the standard range by wheel dimensions, material selection, hub designs or bearings. In addition, they enable custom solutions for plant engineering with extremely high operational performance and reliability. Wheel sets can be supplied with wheels from different series, with round or square axles and various gauges.

  • Custom light duty castors

    Special versions are distinguished from the standard range by their total height, offset, brake system, material selection, colouring, wheel design, suspension, etc.

  • Tailor-made castors for mobile scaffolding and transport units

    Special castors for transport units include swivel and fixed castors from the standard Blickle range modified according to customer specifications to meet special requirements. But Blickle also develops innovative products based on customer specifications.
    Swivel castors for movable scaffolding and work platforms are available with different fitting types, brake systems and wheel designs.

  • Heavy duty castors

    Blickle is a renowned specialist for the development and production of heavy duty castors. Blickle standard products have a load capacity of up to 50,000 kg.
    Furthermore, Blickle develops tailored special solutions that feature extremely compact dimensions, low floor pressure or minimal rolling resistance, for example.