Easy handling of heavy pick-trolleys

Castors with Besthane Soft polyurethane tread for better manoeuvrability

The client

Corinthian Doors is one of Australia's leading door manufacturers with manufacturing facilities across the country. A key factor in the company's success story is its full control over all stages of production: from the purchase of raw materials to timber processing and final production. As part of the continuous improvement process, Corinthian Doors strives for more ergonomics and optimised working conditions in its production.

The challenge

Heavy pick-trolleys over 2 metres in length are used in the door manufacturer's production facilities. Previously, these were equipped with castors from different brands and of differnt designs. These trolleys often reached a total weight of more than 850 kilograms and were extremely difficult to push, pull or manoeuvre manually. This caused enormous physical strain and required effort for the employees.

Our solution

To improve the trolleys manouverability and overall handling resistance, the Blickle experts suggested heavy-duty castors with aluminium wheel centres and the high-quality Blickle Besthane Soft polyurethane tread. These ensure low rolling and swivel resistance, are particularly cut- and tear-resistant, hydrolysis-resistant and reduce noise. The customer is completely satisfied. The reduced strain on the operator and the more ergonomic processes have improved the well-being of the employees. Last but not least, this also increases overall productivity.