ALB…-ESD – Wheel series

Electrostatically conductive heavy duty wheels with Blickle Besthane® polyurethane tread, with aluminium wheel centre

The tread of the ALB series consists of the high-quality polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Besthane®. This has a hardness of 92 Shore A and is cast onto a wheel centre made of die-cast aluminium. In addition to providing a high dynamic load capacity, the tread is highly resistant to cut and tear propagation and provides a very low level of rolling resistance. The optimised tread geometry of this series reduces rolling resistance by up to 40% compared to other polyurethane series. The tread material has a maximum resistance of 109 ohms.

The ALB wheels are particularly successful in areas where the highest demands are placed on speed, ergonomics and industrial safety. They also protect users and electrical components against electrostatic discharge.

  • ALB…-ESD – Wheels

    Wheels in the ALB…-ESD series have diameters ranging between 100 and 200 mm and are available with a ball bearing.

    Wheel Ø

    Load capacity
    at 4 km/h
    Load capacity
    at 10 km/h
    Bearing type

    Axle bore Ø

    ALB 101/15K-ESD 100 40 400 ball bearing 15 40
    ALB 125/15K-ESD 125 40 550 ball bearing 15 45
    ALB 150/20K-ESD 150 50 650 320 ball bearing 20 60
    ALB 160/20K-ESD 160 50 750 370 ball bearing 20 60
    ALB 200/20K-ESD 200 50 800 400 ball bearing 20 60