POBS – Wheel series

Heavy duty wheels with Blickle Besthane® Soft polyurethane tread and nylon wheel centre

The tread of the POBS series has a hardness of 75 Shore A. It is made from premium Blickle Besthane® Soft polyurethane and moulded directly onto the nylon wheel centre. In contrast to conventional wheels with a polyurethane tread, the POBS series is completely hydrolysis- and corrosion-resistant. It can therefore be used without any issues for hygiene applications in wet areas.

The POBS wheel series is the perfect solution for food production and all hygiene applications requiring high load capacities, low rolling resistances and a high level of operational comfort. Castors which go well with a stainless steel bracket are listed in the stainless steel castors section.

  • POBS – Wheels

    The POBS wheel series is available in sizes ranging between 80 and 200 mm. The wheels have either one or two centrally encapsulated ball bearings, depending on the wheel size. A thread guard protects them against water spray.

    Wheel Ø

    Load capacity
    at 4 km/h
    Bearing type

    Axle bore Ø

    POBS 80/8XKF 80 30 140 ball bearing (C) 8 36
    POBS 100/10XKA 100 38 200 ball bearing (C) 10 46
    POBS 100/8XKA 100 38 200 ball bearing (C) 8 46
    POBS 125/10XKA 125 40 250 ball bearing (C) 10 46
    POBS 125/8XKA 125 40 250 ball bearing (C) 8 46
    POBS 160/12XKA 160 50 400 ball bearing (CC) 12 60
    POBS 200/12XKA 200 50 500 ball bearing (CC) 12 60