GEVN, GTHN, GSTN, GBN, GVUN, SPKVSN – wheel series

Drive wheels

Blickle has six different drive wheels series available. Most of the wheel centres are made from rugged grey cast iron with a DIN 6885 compliant hub keyway. The SPKVSN series is the only series with a wheel centre made from mild steel. The drive wheels are available with either an elastic solid rubber tread in drive quality or the polyurethane treads Blickle Extrathane®, Blickle Softhane®, Blickle Besthane® or Vulkollan®. The only exception is the flanged drive wheel, which is completely made from mild steel.

The drive wheels are connected to the motor of an industrial truck with a hub keyway. This helps them to get equipment in motion, move machine parts or rotate components on the spot.