Flanged wheel series

for use on rails

Flanged wheels are mainly used on rails to make sure that transport units stay on track. They are made up of a bearing and a wheel centre with a flange.

They are used in everything from machine and systems engineering through to pulleys. These environments involve special conditions like heat, contact with oil or chips and electricity. Blickle has five different series of flanged wheels in its product range to meet various requirements. The SPKGSPO, SPK and SPKVS series have a single-sided flange. The DSPK and DSPKGSPO series have a double flange. The flanged wheels are also available in a variety of materials. Compressed cast nylon, steel and grey cast iron series are available. The flanged wheels use either a plain bore or ball bearings. Other bearing types are also available upon request. If you cannot find the product you are looking for in our standard range, we would be happy to develop a tailored solution for you. Get in touch with your personal contact partner to find out more.

SPKGSPO and DSPKGSPO series wheels and fixed castors

Flanged wheels and double flanged wheels made of compressed cast nylon

SPK and DSPK series wheels and fixed castors

Grey cast iron flanged wheels

SPKVS series wheels and fixed castors

Solid steel flanged wheels and double flanged wheels