RVU, RTH, RB, REV – Wheel series

Drive and running wheels for forklift trucks

The following drive wheels, running wheels and forklift trucks from Blickle were designed specifically for use on industrial trucks. The various polyurethane treads are cast onto the wheel centres made of rugged grey cast iron. The rubber tread (REV series) is vulcanised onto the wheel centre. The wheels in the REV, RB and RVU series are designed for speeds up to 16 km/h. The RTH series is designed for speeds up to 10 km/h. Blickle provides forklift, drive and running wheels for every major brand of industrial truck, like Jungheinrich, Still, BT, Fenwick-Linde and Stöcklin.

  • RVU, RTH, RB, REV – Forklift trucks

    The Blickle forklift, drive and running wheels use a grey cast iron wheel centre and either a 70° Shore A elastic solid rubber tread or a tread made using Blickle Extrathane®, Blickle Besthane® or Vulkollan® polyurethane-elastomer with a hardness of 92° Shore A. The wheels are available in a variety of diameters depending on the series. The product details page for the forklift truck wheels provide information about compatible brands along with the corresponding manufacturer numbers.

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