Industrial castors - all-rounder for every application

Industrial castors: Transport castors, heavy duty castors, swivel castors and fixed castors for industrial applications

Industrial castors - your reliable guarantee for fast and efficient transport of goods. Are you wondering how Blickle meets these demands? Through outstanding material expertise and manufacturing technology. Blickle offers a wide range of industrial castors - whether transport castors, heavy-duty castors, swivel castors or fixed castors - with load capacities ranging from just a few kilograms to several tonnes and a wide variety of treads. The standard product range also includes electrically conductive versions, cold and heat resistant castors and corrosion resistant castors. The use of high-quality materials and compliance with low tolerances are important for industrial castors. This is how Blickle ensures robust and durable wheels and castors that can be used in all industries and applications. However, it is not only the quality of the industrial castor that is essential, but also the selection of the right castor. Blickle offers optimum service via the online guide or personal contact partners to ensure that the right castor is selected for the respective application.

What is meant by industrial castors?

When talking about casters, there are two major types: institutional castors and industrial castors. While institutional castors are made for furniture like e.g., chairs, desks or any other household / office products, industrial castors are much more robust.

Institutional castors are made of lower-quality plastic or any other light-weight material, industrial castors in contrast are manufactured from far more durable materials such as rubber, nylon, steel, or iron. This difference is important since industrial castors are intended to transport far higher weights – thus creating a need for heavy-duty wheels and castors.

Industrial castors are meant for material handling in industry production, human transportation, assembly lines and much more applications.