Moving heavy engines safely

Heavy duty castors for aviation specialist HYDRO

The client

HYDRO SYSTEMS KG is a global leader in the market for machinery and equipment used to maintain, repair and assemble civil and military aircraft. The company is based in Biberach in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, with branches and service centres in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, China, Singapore, the UAE and the USA. It provides innovative and high-quality solutions for customers in more than 120 countries.

The challenge

Blickle’s challenge was to design castors for stands used to transport jet engines. These stands are used to transport heavy engines so that they can be reinstalled after maintenance and repair work. The equipment transports engines safely so that they are in just the right position for assembly. In many cases, they also have to deal with extreme temperatures, UV radiation and rough terrain.

Our solution

Blickle developed a special twin wheel castor for HYDRO using the high-strength wheels of the GTH series. These have a super-stable wheel body made of grey cast iron and a high-quality Blickle Extrathane polyurethane tread. Each stand uses four welded steel twin wheel castors to make sure that the heavy engines are moved safely and surely, even over uneven surfaces.

The castors are also equipped with a directional lock. The swivel head can be locked in position with a locking pin to keep goods moving in the right direction. Once the stand reaches the aircraft, the swivelling castors help to position the engine with precision. The Radstop wheel brake provides extremely high brake forces to keep the stand secure and stable during assembly, even under a heavy load. This makes the work involved much easier and safer, while also preventing damage to the engine.

The result

HYDRO has been extremely impressed with the solution provided by Blickle. The castors move the engines with reliability and precision. The longer service life removes the need for lengthy and expensive setup times. Despite the design fees involved, Blickle’s tailored solution is more cost-effective overall than the product which HYDRO had been using. The effective partnership between HYDRO and Blickle meant that the wheel and castor manufacturer was able to design, produce and deliver the components quickly. The aviation specialist was extremely satisfied with the level of service they received.

Technical information and advantages of LSD-GTH 302K-RAH-RI4H

  • Robust heavy duty welded steel swivel bracket with yellow passivation for excellent corrosion protection.
  • The wheel brake generates extremely high brake forces on both wheels to secure even the heaviest loads.
  • Directional lock to keep loads on track.
  • The wheel centre is made from ultra-resilient grey cast iron.