Blickle unites

Heavy duty polyurethane wheels with Blickle Besthane® polyurethane tread, with cast iron wheel centre GB 500x80/60K-921269

The customer

... is a German company established in 1951. The company is one of the leading providers of wire drawing machines and machines for the wire and cable industry. The company provides solutions for the most diverse industries using the machines and systems for drawing, tempering, galvanic coatings, stranding, twisting and braiding in wire manufacturing.

The challenge

In the past, the customer primarily used Vulkollan® special wheels from one of our competitors. The requirements on the part of the company were to match the material and dimensions exactly. The characteristics of the wheel include a V nut incorporated into the tread, making it possible to use it as a guide wheel in a wire drawing machine. In addition to the material and dimensions of the wheel, the high wear resistance plays a key role as permanent wires or cables are pulled over the tread.

Our solution

Following a long test phase in light of the technical requirements of the company, a heavy-duty wheel was recommended with a cast iron wheel centre and tread manufactured from Blickle Besthane®. In this case, the tread made of Blickle Besthane® is on an equal measure to Vulkollan® and the comparability to the product previously used was therefore confirmed and coincidently topped in terms of price.

The result

The customer is thoroughly satisfied with the new Blickle wheels. By using Blickle Besthane® tread and the cast iron wheel centre, the manufacturer of wire drawing machines is guaranteed a high wear resistance, saving them significant overall costs when procuring wheels.

Technical information and product advantages GB 500x80/60K-921269