The all-rounder

Pressed steel swivel castors with bolt hole LER-POEV 125G-(FI)-SG

The customer

Bedrunka+Hirth is one of Germany‘s leading manufacturers of equipment and manual workstation systems. The SME employs around 120 people and sells its products across Europe through specialist traders.

The application

The manufacturer uses bolt hole swivel castors for mobile workbenches, drawer cabinets and mobile workstations. The modular mobile tool cabinets can be individually configured by the end customer. Because of this versatility, the tool cabinets come in a wide range of weight classes and provide a wide range of load-bearing capacities. Depending on how the end customer uses the workbench, the castors can be configured so that they are placed under a constant load, or capable of handling obstacles like thresholds or expansion joints.

The customer was not satisfied with a competitor’s castors, which had a wheel diameter of 100 millimetres. These castors used a standard grey non-marking solid rubber wheel, and had a limited load-bearing capacity while still having a relatively high level of rolling resistance. The rubber tread frequently deformed under heavy loads, drastically reducing operational comfort.

Our solution from the standard range

By using the LER-POEV series bolt hole swivel castor from Blickle‘s standard range, the equipment manufacturer is able to cover a much wider range of products than with the previous competing castor. Blickle’s solution has a wheel diameter of 125 millimetres with non-marking grey solid rubber tyres. It provides a higher load capacity, increased operational comfort and a far lower level of rolling resistance. Depending on requirements, it can be used with or without a rear “stop-fix” wheel and swivel head brake for optimal stability.

The result

Due to the versatility of the Blickle LER-POEV series, the customer can order large quantities and benefit from attractive price arrangements. Deliveries can be made quickly and at short notice. The higher load capacity of the swivel castors with elastic solid rubber tyres also provides greater stability and scope to accommodate additional customer requests.

Product advantages and technical information LER-POEV-125G-(FI)-SG

  • High load capacity of 150 kg per castor
  • Can be used for more end customer use cases
  • Lower rolling resistance and higher operational comfort
  • Tread does not remain deformed due to heavy loads
  • Available quickly and at short notice