ALES – Wheel series

Wheels with soft rubber "Blickle SoftMotion" and aluminium wheel centre

As in our soft rubber POES series, the tread of the ALES series is made from the high-quality elastic solid rubber “Blickle SoftMotion”. With a hardness of 55 Shore A, the non-marking grey wheels provide extremely good floor preservation and low-noise operation. The thick tread with a specialised contour is vulcanised onto a wheel centre made of die-cast aluminium. This makes the wheels very suitable for lateral loads.

The ALES wheel series is perfectly suited for applications where goods need to be transported without vibrations or when noise absorption is important. The aluminium wheel centre makes the wheels suitable for use at higher speeds. The POES series can also be used as a corrosion-resistant alternative.

  • ALES – Wheels

    Wheels in the ALES series come in sizes ranging between 150 and 250 mm with a ball bearing in the Blickle standard range.

    Wheel Ø

    Load capacity
    at 4 km/h
    Load capacity
    at 10 km/h
    Bearing type

    Axle bore Ø

    ALES 150/20K-SG 150 50 280 220 ball bearing 20 60
    ALES 160/20K-SG 160 50 300 240 ball bearing 20 60
    ALES 200/20K-SG 200 50 350 280 ball bearing 20 60
    ALES 250/20K-SG 250 50 440 370 ball bearing 20 60