Rack feeders

High precision and resilience for automated storage systems

Rack feeders play an important role in making sure that high-rack warehouses and small parts storage facilities are efficient and reliable. Rack feeders store goods using a fully automated system and make sure that material flows are optimised with their performance and precision. They are used to transport everything from cage pallets through to standard pallets and small load carriers, which place a wide variety of requirements on the load handling devices.

Precision, resilience and quick and efficient transport are the main requirements for rack feeders. The same applies for guide rollers and drive wheels which are used in these devices.

With drive wheels ranging in size between 75 mm and 1,000 mm and an extremely high load capacity of up to 25,000 kg, Blickle has the right solution for a wide variety of rack feeders. With their high level of abrasion resistance, high dynamic load capacity and extremely low level of rolling resistance, the GTHN wheel series with a Blickle Extrathane® tread, GSTN series with a Blickle Softhane® tread, GBN series with a Blickle Besthane® tread and GVUN series with a Vulkollan® tread provide optimal performance. The same is true for the guide rollers used in rack feeders, which are available in a range of between 25 and 125 mm in diameter. The rollers are manufactured in an in-house polyurethane production and plastic injection moulding facility according to the highest quality standards – “Made in Germany”. This gives Blickle a great deal of flexibility when it comes to designing tailored solutions. Whether special dimensions, electrically conductive versions, special bearings or special treads – Blickle guide rollers have withstood the test of continuous operation in conveyor systems throughout the world.