Food production

Blickle castors meet demanding hygiene requirements

The food production industry uses a variety of trolleys, from transport trolleys through to storage trolleys and trolleys for handling materials. Blickle wheels and castors are used whenever an appealing design, high load capacities and a high level of hygiene are required.

In addition to meeting hygiene requirements, wheels and castors must provide a low level of rolling resistance, low-noise operation and rugged resilience. Whereas wheels and castors with polyurethane treads have already achieved a leading position in the traditional industrial sector because they combine high load capacity, a high level of floor surface preservation and low rolling resistance, the frequently humid environments in the food and hygiene sector often make hard plastic wheels the preferred option.

Blickle’s POTHS series with a soft thermoplastic polyurethane tread and the POBS series with a Besthane Soft® tread brings the comfort of polyurethane treads to the food industry. A particularly thick tread cushion made of the soft, reaction-injected premium Blickle Besthane® Soft polyurethane, which is cast onto a polyamide wheel centre, makes the POBS series ideal for use even in humid environments. In contrast to conventional wheels with polyurethane treads, these wheels are completely hydrolysis- and corrosion-resistant. Another plus is their high chemical resistance to many aggressive substances.